Medical Facility Calendar

Powered by Artificial Intelligence

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Smart Calendar

Smart calendar that takes into consideration staff preferences as well as variety of goals and constrains. Over time, Calio learns trends, habits and constantly adjusts to ever changing circumstances providing suggestions for the best allocation of resources and reduction in idle time at your business.

Scheduling Everywhere

Easy to use app on computer, tablet and smart phone helps streamline operations of your medical office or hospital. Interactive reminders help patients manage their visits. And intuitive scheduling improves your brand image while saving time and effort.

Powerful Features

Calio calendar provides high level of user customization including multilingual, multi time zone support and customer time constrains and preferences. Also, because Calio is cloud based it scales with your business and updates real time.


Ease of Use

Intuitive interface that is easy to use and navigate. Application runs on computer, tablet and smart phones.


Cost Optimization

Reduces idle time and cost by better allocation of resources with quicker and more interactive process and workload reduction.



System collects historical data and uses Artificial Intelligence to form recommendations helping to run your clinic and hospital and make better decisions.



System automatically communicates with use of email or interactive SMS communication.